11.12 GALLERY TALK – NFT ART from JAPAN to the World

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The rise of NFT has opened up opportunities for artists, especially in the field of digital art, to transcend national borders and become active in the world.
marimosphere, a leader of the NFT community in Japan, Jordan A. Y. Smith, an art curator who curates NFT artists active in the world, and Jason Scuderi (Lasergun Factory), an artist who pursues cutting-edge expression: two international NFT art leaders based in Japan will talk about their experiences from their respective perspectives.

*The talk would be in English as common language

日本のNFTコミュニティを牽引するmarimosphereと、世界で活躍するNFTアーティストをキュレーションするアートキュレーターの Jordan A. Y. Smith 、最先端の表現を追求するアーティストJason Scuderi(Lasergun Factory)= 日本をベースに活動する2名のインターナショナルなNFTアートリーダーがそれぞれの立場から語ります。



VENUE : “Great Reset, Small Reboots” Exhibition Site

Mari Asada (marimosphere): Visual Artist, NFT Artist of this exhibition + Curator of NFT section
Jason Scuderi (Lasergun Factory): Digital Artist and Director – the exhibition NFT section
Jordan A. Y. Smith : Professor of cultural studies; Partner at Digital Will; Curator and Creative Director (including NFT projects)

FEE: Entrance Fee of the Exhibition 900JPY

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